Electro Servo ES29

Tailift’s newly launched, ES29, AC Servo drive and numerical control technology. Featured with high speed, high precision, energy saving, and low noise. Equipped over-load protection, ES29 is an effective implement for thinner sheet metal. ES29 combined with processing abilities of punching, forming, roller cutting and tapping, an all-in-one machine. The integration assembly reduces floor space requirements effectively. Low average electricity consumption, energy-saving, eliminating the hydraulic . This ECO friendly product is the major milestone for Tailift R&D.

AC servo electric system

ES29equipped with high efficient AC Servo motor with single servo crank type punch head assembly without flywheel which results in high precision, Low noise and power consumption is only half of hydraulic models. No need of hydraulic oil and worry about environmental issues. High punching speed reduces the production time and ensure cost down.

Closed O Shape Frame Structure

High Rigidity & High Stability

The closed O shape frame structure is analyzed by the “Finite Element Analysis” software to simulate stress / strain conditions, enables the optimal structure design.

High Tensile Strength Steel Construction

The machine frame is welded by high tensile strength steel, which is subject to high tensile strength tests, normalization treatment and vibration stress relief so as to ensure the machine assembling accuracy.

Transient State Analysis
Static Analysis
Model Analysis
Transient State Analysis
Model Unit ES29
Punching Capacity Ton 30
X Traverse Length mm 2500±10
Y Traverse Length mm 2000±10
Max Sheet Size mm 2000x5000
Max Sheet Thickness mm 4.5
Max Mass of Material kg 150
X Axis Traverse Speed m/min. 80
Y Axis Traverse Speed m/min. 70
Max Traverse Speed m/min. 105
S=4mm孔距 25mm hits/min. 300
Nibbling Speed hits/min. 600
Tools Tyoe   長刀
Max Punching Diameter mm 114.3
Number of Tool Stations pcs 40
A(1/2) pcs 24-<20/4(Round)>
B(1-1/4) pcs 8
C(2) pcs 4
E(4-1/2) pcs 2
AI(D3-1/2) pcs 2
Turret Rotating Speed rpm 30
Auto Indes Rotating Speed rpm 50
Ram Strke Distance mm 0~31
Working Table   毛刷/萬向鋼球複合檯面
Number of sheet clamps Pcs 3
Power Supply KVA 40
Voltage V 220/380/410/440
Air supply NL/min 5
Air press Bar 5
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H) mm 6500×5200×2250
Machine net weight(Approx) kg 16000
CNC controller   FANUC Oi-PF
Serial interface   RS232/RJ45/PCMCIA
Punching precision mm ± 0.1
Reposition accuracy mm 0.05
Ram memory KB 512
  • Specifications are subjects to change without prior notice.
  • Acceleration/deceleration rate of x/y-axis are dependent on weight of maerials.
  • Punch speed depends on processing conditions,stroke length,acceleration/deceleration rage of axes speeds.


  • Movable ram
  • Reposition cylinder
  • Sheet distortion sensor
  • Large brush table
  • Die holder brush
  • Supporting Ball Set
  • Anti-vibration foot mounts
  • Japanese FANUC controller


  • Auto tool lubrication system
  • CAD/CAM Software
  • Heavy-duty clamp

40 stations

Type Specification Q' ty
A-Round 1/2" 4
A 1/2" 20
B 1-1/4" 8
C 2" 4
E 4-1/2" 2
Auto Index
D 3-1/2" 2