Laser Cutting Machine FL1200

Laser Cutting Machine FL1200
  • By Optical fiber transmission to achieve Nano Interpolation, Highest-Performance, High Speed, High Accuracy ,High Quality.
  • High Efficiency, High Cutting Speed, Cost Effect, Faster Investment Recovery.
  • Low Wear Down, High Thickness Sheets Processing.
  • Low cutting gas consumption: Stainless Steel Sheets can processed by air also.
  • Low Energy Consumption and Eco-friendly: Power Consumption is 20%-30% of Co2 Laser Cutting Machine.
  • Low Maintenance: without adjustments of light path and reflect lens, no service requirements.
  • Closed Frame Base with Gantry Type Bilateral Drive (Dual-Drive) Integrated Servo Control System to Increase Working Speed and Efficiency.
  • Double Working Table Saves Loading/Unloading Time and Increase Productivity.
  • High Cutting Speed at Thin Metal Sheets and Stable Cutting at thickness Sheet.
  • Full Covered Machine Body with OD6+ Fiber Protection Safety Glass Window Ensure the Operator Safety and Effectively controls the Laser Radiation in the Environments, Good Light Probation.
Model Unit FL1200 Note
Movement method   三軸同動  
Control method   Cypcut+研華控制器  
Machining range(X*Y) mm 1500*3000  
Travel(X*Y*Z) mm 1525*3050*150  
Machining speed  m/min (MAX)22m/min(不鏽鋼1t)  
Feed rate m/min 110  
Acceleration   1G  
Min.positioning accuracy(X/Y) mm 0.03/1000  
Repeatability accuracy mm ±0.02  
Power sorece   AC3相4線380V 50Hz/220V 60Hz  
Power supply KVA  18  
Resonator   nLIGHT alta 1200W  
Wave length of laser nm 1080±10  
Laser head   手動調焦點加工頭/自動(OP)  
Focusing distance for laser head    F125×  
Mixed gas for resonator   依照各發振器規格  
Auxiliary gas for cutting   氧氣10bar ; 氮氣10bar  
Table type   單檯面固定/上下平行交換(OP)
Height machining restriction on pallet mm 20  
Pallet change time  s 10~15  
Max. workpiece load kg 600  
Approx.machine dimenions(L×W×H) mm 2400*5000*2250/(OP)2400*8000*2250  
Machining accuracy   ±0.10  
Approx.machine weight ton 5500  
切割材質   切割厚度  
Mild Steel mm 10 8-9
Stainless Steel mm 5  
Aluminum mm 6  
Copper mm 3  
Brass mm 3